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Manoeuvre is pleased to introduce a neutral space for unfiltered discussions and open conversations, cultivating a stronger and more connected community within the digital industry.

“Putting aside sales-driven speech and ‘too good to be true’ stories often seen in conferences, Manoeuvre Talks’ objective is to bring top talent that did the work and share how they did it, including the good and the ugly.”

- Khoi Truong, President and Co-Founder, Manoeuvre Group


Our handpicked panelists are leaders from big-scale organizations that completed various stages of a digital internalization.

Honing in on their organizational perspective, our panelists will discuss the obstacles of navigating the new agency and media landscape and how they were able to achieve success.

Catherine Fernet

Director, Digital Media, Reitmans Canada

With over 10 years of experience on the agency and client side, Catherine’s major contribution in the last few years was to manage and successfully internalize the digital media expertise at RCL (Reitmans, Penningtons and RW&CO) and create an integrated team responsible for the strategic planning and in-house operations for Display, Video, Paid Social, SEM, SEO and Affiliates Marketing.

Raphael Metter-Rothan

Media Director, Desjardins

As Desjardins’ Media Director, Raphaël manages the leading cooperative financial group’s strategic media planning and digital media campaign management and optimization for all national initiatives across multiple channels. He is the driver behind Desjardins’ performant media teams, sustainable paid media presence and in-house media specialization. Prior to joining Desjardins, Raphaël spent over 10 years at several leading advertising and media agencies in Europe and North America.

Sarah-Anne Ducreux

Director: Head of Digital Media, L’Oreal

With 15 years of experience in digital media and e-commerce, Sarah-Anne has always prioritized expanding into new digital territories. Sarah is now Director, Head of Media paid earned owned, for L’Oreal, where one of her missions is consolidating all media consumer touchpoints, for better steering the performance, piloting its impact on business and contributing to the consumer journey and insights.


Our freelance panelists discussed why they decided to make the move to freelancing and how they did it, while our directors spoke about what they are looking for when hiring a freelancer for projects.

Here are the key highlights on how to set yourself up for success when becoming a freelancer

What makes an excellent freelancer (according to the client)

+ A fast learner
Demonstrate that you can get up to speed quickly and make an effort to assimilate with the team

+ Tell a story
When it comes to presenting your work, turning the facts and findings into an engaging story and presentation goes a long way

+ Simplify the complex
Be sure to summarize and simplify your findings in order to get the buy-in from the stakeholders

+ Play within your limit
Know your strengths and limits amidst changes to the scope of the mandate and be sure to communicate them

Top 6 qualities freelancers look for from clients

+ Great company culture

+ Innovative mandates

+ Transparency around expectations and scope

+ Providing autonomy opposed to micromanaging

+ Being paid on time

+ Flexible working environment

How to land a great mandate

+ A referral from your network

+ Creating relevant content that showcases what you can do for your target client

+ Outreach through cold calls, emailing, and LinkedIn messages

+ Upselling your services when you know the client will benefit

+ Putting the client at the centre of your work and ensuring they are satisfied along the way

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This event is for professionals in the digital space in Montreal who are thinking of moving into the freelance world.

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+ An unfiltered view of the successes, obstacles, and roadblocks of freelancing

+ Tips on how to set yourself for success when entering the freelance world

+ What hiring directors are looking for when hiring a freelancer.

+ Opportunities to have your questions answered among our panelists

+ Network with panelists and other like-minded people

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